Past CAD

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
    CAD (Computer Aided Design,) is a very important and useful aspect of our design process. Last year, Plan B used the 3D-modleing software SolidWorks to design and 3D print many aspects of our robot.

Power Play (2022-2023)

We created a variety of odd parts this season, but also a similar part to Sky Stone’s wobble grabbers.

Cone Grabber

Two Finger Claw Half

One Finger Claw Half

In person photo


Ring Funnel

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ring-funnel.png

We used the ring funnel to catch rings and align them into the shooter. We went through several iterations. By being able to design it in Solidworks it made it easy to modify the design and reprint the funnel.

Cone Stopper



Touch Sensor Plate

Sky Stone (2020-2021)

Here is our design for our Wheel Hubs.

Here is the design Ring Pusher design.

Here is the Ring Funnel design.

Here is the Wobble Claws design

This is part of 1 of 2 of our Wobble grabber claw. The claw is designed to mount directly to a Servo Horn.