Meet our team!

Reid joined the team this year has now worked in hardware along with software.  At the moment he’s 14 years old and is in the 8th grade.  His favorite color is purple. He loves building with Legos and creating new things with art.

Isabel has been a part of plan B for 3 years. She loves participating in First because of all the opportunities she has to learn. She is the team’s hardware expert. She goes to Western Alamance high school. She is only a sophomore, but can’t wait to be done with High school. Other things she participates in are the science club at western and girl scouts. ( it’s not just for 5 year olds I promise) She also loves playing sports particularly tennis.

Madelyn is a 10th grader who just joined the team this year. She joined in order to learn both the coding and engineering. She’s had previous experience with building things but no proper training. She’s learning how to program and do hardware. She’s involved in school sports such as soccer and cross country and likes to play the guitar. Her hobbies are many in number but making things is her passion.

Lauren is a Junior this year. Before joining Plan B she was on a FLL (First Lego League) team. This is her fourth year on the team. She focuses her abilities on managing the notebook, portfolio, social media management and a bit of hardware. At competitions she takes over with scouting and finding the right teams for us to pair up with. While she’s “off duty” she likes to paint, play ping pong, work with plants, or just hang out with friends. 

Evan is 16 and joined the team last year. He enjoys long walks on the beach. He owns two dogs and loves to travel. He lives with his mom in her basement. He’s rude to waiters and leaves trash in Ubers. He’s learning to ride the unicycle and play the saxophone at the same time. He also picks his nose in public and offers you whatever he finds up there.

Preston is 15 and this is his second year on the team. He is the lead programmer but is still learning how to code the robot. He likes anything to do with technology. He is interested in graphic design and coding. He goes to Western Alamance High School and will be doing CTEC again in his second semester. He enjoys gnomes and memes. He also enjoys video games even though he may not be the best at them (we will keep that a secret).

Whitman Stiegel is an 8th grader who joined the team this year. He works on software and helps out anywhere in any way he can.  He looks forward to learning more about robotics and learning more Java. (the code language that the robot uses) During his free time he participates in marching band. He also runs track and cross country. If he has extra time he enjoys reading. 

Mentors and Coaches

Millard Gold is the original and primary team mentor for Plan B. He has led the team for the past 12 years. He has made an impact on every team member that has made their way into his shop. He gives countless hours to the kids and their families. His passion for FIRST and learning in general makes him the perfect mentor for our team.

Sarah Congdon’s oldest kid (Tony) was on the team for five years and is now a student mentor. she has found herself in various roles as a team mom. Those rolls include FTC and FLL mentor (Her daughter Lauren had an FLL team) She enjoys helping-out when she can. Last year she made masks for each of the team members and mentors to provide COVID19 safety.

Tony Congdon is a 20-year-old senior at UNCG. He had been a student member of Plan B for 5 years as a lead programmer. He was not ready to hang up his lime green fedora and has moved up to a role as a mentor last year. He is working on a major in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science and plans to work in Pharmaceutical research.