Elon Scrimmage

Our largest effort outside of building our robot has been organizing and hosting the Elon Scrimmage held Jan 7th. This gave many rookie teams their first experience with a in person FTC event. 5064, Aperture Science helped with this event and live streams via YouTube to those who were unable to attend in person.

On Jan 7th, of this year, Plan B organized and hosted an FTC scrimmage in Elon that was attended by 16 FTC teams and approximately 200 people. For some of these teams this was their very first FTC competition.

Our scrimmage was run very much like an official FTC qualifier. We had 6 qualifying rounds followed by alliance selection and playoffs. This provided teams an excellent chance to see how their robot performed in a live event with an actual alliance partner and real opponents. Not only did they get see what was working well for their robot, but what things would need to be fixed before their first real competition. We were fortunate to have official referees for this event and 5064 Aperture Science provide the real time scoring for the event and live streamed the event via YouTube. Fiona Last was also available at this event so that teams could practice their presentations and receive feedback things they were doing well and things that needed work.

In addition to the teams and volunteers, we had several folks from Guilford County who will be coaches next year. This gave them an opportunity to talk to experienced FTC coaches and see what FTC is all about.