Useful Websites

This is the official website for FIRST Tech Challenge nationally. Here you can find teams in you area and also find events taking place nearby. Events are always open to the general public and are usually quite entertaining.

This is the official website for the First Tech Challenge in North Carolina. This where teams can sign up for regional competitions and see news concerning FTC in North Carolina. NC A&T is the official partner for FTC in North Carolina.

McMaster-Carr is a traffic source of raw materials, such as aluminum of all shapes and sizes. This is also a good source for Lexan and other oddities that may difficult to find at your local large box store.

GoBilda has for sale an excellent strafe chassis Kit.  This chassis includes high-torque 312RPM planetary motors, ball-bearing mecanum wheels and allows a robot to move not only forward and back, but side to side.

Tetrix is the original building system used by First Tech Challenge.  Pitsco which sells Tetrix components offers a wide selection of robot parts including servos, and motors as well as wide selection of structural elements.

As the name implies Servo City has an extensive selection of servos and servo related products.  It’s also an excellent source for complete kits for things like linear slides and complete FTC starter kits.

Rev Robotics is the principle supplier of the FTC electronic components.  This is where you’ll find the FTC control hub.  This is also the best place to find all types of sensors that are compatible with the REV control such as color, distance, and touch sensors.