LOKI Scrimmage at Salem College

On July 30th, 2022, our team ventured to Salem College who graciously hosted an awesome off-season scrimmage. Two of our new members were able to join us and get a feel for what the competitions will be like, learn hardware skills, learn how to scout other teams, get a better understanding of FIRST, and bond with their fellow team members. We are so glad we were able to attend such a fun experience.

At the pit between matches

Here is a picture of our older kids helping our new members learn. We find it important to let the younger kids spend time learning from our more-experienced.

Hanging out during a long break between matches.

Between matches our team members would spend time recharging both ourselves and our robot.

Testing at the practice field

Our robot needed a bit of testing in-between matches, our claw gave us a bit of trouble we quickly fixed. We hadn’t used our warehouse autonomous since winter and we weren’t sure if it still worked, to our surprise it worked well. We were able to use it in the next match.

right before the match

Lauren, Parker, and Evan were our drive team in this picture. We were driving duck-side. Lauren was waiting for the go-ahead to start the autonomous program. We were paired with team 7105, Swift Indeterminate Space Llamas.

End of Elimination Period

Parker represented our team in 4th place as 3rd seed captain. We were paired with Swift Indeterminate Quantum Squid. We soon moved our pit and went on to semi-finals. We all had an awesome time at this well-hosted event.