Our YouTube Channel:

Our TikTok:

Power Play (2022-2023)

Video from the 2/8/2023 meeting!

Latest Drive Practice Video

Drive Practice

Demo at a First Lego League competition

Arm Improvements

Testing the first prototype of our arm for this season

Testing from 9/22/2022

Freight Frenzy (2021-2022)

Our best robot run from Freight Frenzy with team Aperture Science a high score of 302:

Draft of our Ring Grabber taking in rings:

Ring Shooter test run for high goal:

Intake draft with rubber tubing:

Delivering the Wobble test run:

Picking up rings with the ring scooper:

Firing rings at top goal with final design launcher draft:

Driving practice run:

Matches from December, 2020

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